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AllGoTec High-Voltage-Drive-System

The benefits are obvious

The novel development of the AllGoTec electric drive systems brings many advantages such as low weight, high performance and universal applications.


Advantage 1


Our High Voltage Drive system is the first intelligent drive solution that compactly combines motor, battery and controller in a single drive system.


Advantage 2

Battery Adaptability

The battery is extremely flexible due to its quick and easy interchangeability, as well as its modular expandability for specific applications.

Quick Battery Exchange System   Adaptive Battery System

Advantage 3

Versatile applicable

Our high-voltage drive system can be mounted in different positions and can be used individually in different types of vehicles.


Advantage 4

Many opportunities

Our high-voltage drive system can be variably installed in two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles as well as in aircraft and watercraft, enabling a wide market reach with corresponding economies of scale.


Advantage 5

Highest efficiency

Our high-voltage drive system enables vehicles (e.g., microcars, motorcycles, scooters, trikes, quads, boats, light aircraft) to have a longer range, consume fewer raw materials, and cause less energy loss than conventional low-voltage systems available on the market.


Further advantages of the AllGoTec drives

Light weight

Ideal for applications on water, in the air or on land and wherever low weight must be considered.


High performance

Energy efficient due to liquid cooling of the components


High-voltage system

Unique high-voltage system in the smallest space.


Zero emission

Zero-emission, maintenance-free, yet premium high performance.


Ready to be installed

Our high-voltage drive system is completely ready for installation. All components are fully matched and easy to install.


Engineered in Germany

All components are developed in Germany by professionals. Our sales and support team is at your disposal with expert knowledge.


Are you a vehicle manufacturer or vehicle retrofitter looking for a variable premium high-voltage drive system up to 35 kW / 47.6 hp? AllGoTec provides you with compatible complete solutions today for the micro-mobility of tomorrow - we will be happy to advise you personally!


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